Welcome to the mills-art.com web site ....
I hope this site will act as an easy to access portfolio of my Watercolour Landscapes, Portraits, and Pet Portraits , together with other Pencil and graphic work ....not forgetting Caricature and cartoon!

Please contact me and let me know your requirements
what ever price criteria you may have can be met !!
To discuss your artwork please just use the Contact Us buttons on each page and send me an e-mail.... I usually answer within 24 hours (48 Max)

Please spend a few moments and visit the Landscape, Portrait, Pet Portrait, and Cartoon Pages... Many of the originals you will see are still available for purchase .
If you wish to ask any questions , please feel free to press the Contact Us Button ....Remember portraits etc. can be sourced from good clear photographs.
DIGITAL IMAGES can usually be attached to e-mails!
and Drawings Gallery
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